The Flunky

The Flunky the Musical is about a guy, Jackie Baker, who hangs with the Hollywood stars. He doesn’t work, never picks up a check and he doesn’t own a thing in the world. However, Jackie lives the life of the rich and famous and gets all the perks that come with it. For example, free room and board while living in the guesthouses of celebrity mansions. How is this possible? Jackie’s got what it takes! He knows how to become their “Best Friend” with his cool good looks and charm. But what he doesn’t admit to himself is he’s not their best friend at all. He’s not even their friend… He’s the flunky. And every star needs a flunky.

Everything goes wrong when he moves into the guesthouse of an insane aging rock-star (Tyler Mann). They not only fall in love with the same girl, he even takes the rap for an unthinkable crime committed by Tyler in the ultimate flunky sacrifice!

Can the love of Jackie’s life, Sandra, get him to realize his potential?

This dark comedy will keep you in stitches along with posing a poignant question about being “one’s own man.”

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